Violet's Story

Born in New York City, Britte got her first taste of show biz as a kid. Her auntie took her to see the Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall.  The lines to get in that day were so long, it made the front page of the New York Times. Lil' Miss B's beaming grin was right smack in the middle of the shot. At home,  she practiced rolling around on the floor and bouncing off furniture while belting Beatles tunes and songs from The Sound of Music. Fast forward about a decade... 

With a strong sensibility for word play,  Britte excelled in creative writing and poetry competitions in school. Coming of age in South FL as a guitar toting beach bunny and armed with a voice that made people listen, the songwriter quickly became a regular performer on local coffee house scenes. After two band collaborations, one in FL and  another in TX, it was time to shake things up. Britte packed her life into her car, drove to the Land of Enchantment, and immediately fell madly in love with NM!

Currently, Naked Violet is producing a home concert series for high desert music lovers, creating a book of lyric artwork with photos, and working as a background actor for both TV and film. Naked Violet is an artist who relishes sharing her craft with her audience, thriving on creating memorable experiences with and for her fans.  
About Naked Violet the Band

Solo gigging on both the South FL and  Dallas coffee house circuits lead to the founding of her indie band Naked Violet. The band's sound compares to the likes of Heart, Annie Lennox, Sheryl Crow, and The Cranberries. Naked Violet played to eager audiences in every venue of the Deep Ellum Art District, Metro Dallas-Ft. Worth Music Festival Scene, and beyond. Unfortunately, life affecting changes forced the band to dissolve. But not before recording the 'Shades of Violet" song collection! There will be a NM line-up in the near future.


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Click to see interview ")

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