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  • Stephen Stephan
    Stephen Stephan Jacksonville, FL
    Thanks for pointing out your site. I listened to every bit of music you had on here. It's awesome! Cannot wait to hear what you come up with next!

    Thanks for pointing out your site. I listened to every bit of music you had on here. It's awesome! Cannot wait to hear what you come up with next!


In the East Mountains of Albuquerque, there's an advantage during the holiday season.  Looking eastward through the canyon, the Sandia Mountains rise at a perfect distance when viewed from behind my house. This makes for most excellent and amazing sunrises.  A huge perk of living here is that since the altitude is about a thousand feet higher than in the heart of town,  it's nearly always five to ten degrees cooler.

Heading further east into Tijeras, Cedar Crest, and Sandia Crest the altitude climbs gradually higher.  Winter months can be frigid (by NM standards) there so much more ice can be associated with snow fall.  This is fabulous for skiers, not so much for driving!  Well....actually, if flurries are big enough, cruising down Scenic Hwy 333 in East ABQ feels and looks just like doing warp six!

My point is that my location is high enough to be cooler in Summer and just cold enough for beautiful snow flurries that rarely stick for very long. This is the best of both worlds in my worldview because I witness the beauty of a Winter Wonderland just long enough to appreciate it without much danger of  the snow freezing. When it does, it is never for longer than a few days, possibly a week in occasional extreme weather. In fact, it usually melts within a day or so. Clobbering my unsuspecting husband and felines with snowballs has  to be done pretty quick!

November Snow


Small Talk: Listen THEN respond! 

Small talk is just that. It's unwise to go into taboo topics like politics or religion. In some circles, other things may also be taboo. When new to a group or a person, look at body language and listen intently for a bit. I learn so much about a person from doing this. Most people make the mistake of listening to prepare a response rather than hearing what the other person is saying first, and then responding! 

Looking at body language will also tell you how a person is feeling during small talk. Are they getting upset, or are they happy with where your small talk is going? If you pay attention, you will be able to gauge a persons discomfort and change your responses wisely.

What seems  neutral for one person is not always neutral to another. My suggestion is to be at your best and pay attention so you head off any issues before they snowball!

Accountability Peeve 

Most of us responsible people value our right to choose for ourselves. That also means being accountable for outcomes of those choices. I do not especially appreciate others who expect me to give up that right, outcomes and all, just because they don't want to be accountable.  Am I alone in noticing the huge amount of scapegoatism rampant in our times? I prefer to seek solutions, not place blame.

If it's an issue of negligence, our jury system works just fine....until corporate lobby people masquerade as local grass roots movements that push peoples buttons to put caps on negligence cases so that they aren't held financially accountable. Generally, SSDI  (social security disability) gets to pick up the tab...that's our tax dollars at work folks! I learned that in paralegal studies.

If you're interested, 'Hot Coffee' (Movie), a very informative documentary on the subject, is available on Netflix. Contrary to popular hype, civil cases that make it to court generally have merit and it's the only way that we regular folks have to hold big money accountable for wrong doing. The jury system in America works. Unfortunately, urban legend hype cost us basic consumer rights...


Is It just me or is everything frisky when Fall kicks in? Everyone gets excited for the holiday season gleeful craziness.... My felion brood is no exception. Bella likes to roll around in the weeds. Pi loves to hide and pounce. Jack Black Sparrow bounces around like a panther. Baby just likes to relax and I swear she rolls her grandma eyes at the younger cat shenanigans... especially when Jack goes on a tear down the long hallway of our house to sack Bella or Pi just because he can.  Fur kids!