As an artist, I especially love the intimacy of in-home performances.  The exchange of stories, songs, and all the mingling energies is truly magical! 

Hosting a concert for friends & neighbors is an enjoyable way to share the live acoustic music experience; be it an Electric Lunch break to spice things up at work, a quick Dinner and Songs weeknight celebration, or a House Concert event.  I can't wait to do a concert with you!
NM Wine lovers: Ask me how you can combine a performance with a wine tasting. 

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Shades of Violet  
“Naked Violet is crafting a signature sound that will set them apart from the rest of the pack. They’re tunes have plenty of energy, and they’re guaranteed to rock you if you see them live.”  

PJ Birosik, Musik International




Where may I send your Violet Music Gift EP?

There is nothing like the intimacy of these shows. It slightly changes people... in a wonderful way." 
-- Fran Snyder