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Ghost of a Memory (FL ver)

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"I was pissed off at myself for wasting time with a total psychic vampire... you can hear it in the vocals.
Being selfish with yourself is a good thing, but at the expense of another is criminal." - #NVmusic

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Ghost of a Memory

I look up to the clouds
Kiss the rain pouring down
I remember we began
You tasted all me tears
I let you learn my fears
You turned our love to clay
Ghost of a Memory

I look out to the field
Time don’t always heal
I still hold your tender hand.
I gave my heart and soul to make you strong and whole. You blew it all away.
Ghost of a memory

…the longing still, the longing still...

I look out to the sea
Crested blues and greens
The truth comes crashing in
I watch the sun go down
I loved you then but now
The longing still remains
Ghost of a memory…..memory

The longing still remains……. ooooh oh